Are you feeling challenged by the changes or losses in your life?

Are you feeling dissatisfied with the way things are, but not sure of the way forward?

Tim Boulton is a certified counsellor with years of experience working with individuals and groups through the natural processes of loss, change and renewal.

Walking with you as you tell your life story, Tim will work with you through your pain and isolation, releasing the past, reconnecting to your present, and reorienting to your future.

Every loss or change in life affects our sense of self. By reclaiming those parts of ourselves that have been lost or wounded along the way, we can recover our creativity, strength, and the skills to move forward, to live and love as fully as possible...




What you can expect from counselling:

  • Specialized, trained and sensitive ears and heart to listen to you without any judgment or agenda
  • A safe, comfortable and confidential space that invites you to speak honestly from the heart
  • A witness who honours your unique journey, challenges, gifts and potential
  • A practical action plan to move forward through your difficulties toward healing and renewal of hope and energy

For more information, or to book your complimentary introductory session, please contact Tim:

Tim Boulton
B.A. (Hons), B.Ed., M.Div., OACCPP

  • Grief Counsellor
  • Adult and Youth Individual Counsellor
  • Life Transitions Coach
  • Pet Companion Loss

Telephone: 519-831-2082

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