Tim Boulton, Walking With You

Tim Boulton
B.A (Hons), B.Ed. Master of Divinity

  • Grief Counsellor
  • Adult and Youth Counsellor
  • Life Transitions Coach

Walking With You
Counselling Services
147 Wyndham Street North, Suite 407
Guelph, Ontario. N1H 4E9

Telephone: 519-831-2082


Call me for a complimentary 50 minute introduction
to Coaching or Grief Counselling.


Grief Counselling. Are You Struggling With Being?


Frustrated and angry that ‘nobody understands... nobody gets it’

Tired of it being expected that ‘you should be over it by now’

Empty... and feeling incomplete

What You Can Expect From Sharing Your Story

  • A specialized, trained and sensitive ear and heart to listen ...without judgment
  • A safe, comfortable, one-on-one atmosphere that allows you to speak honestly
  • Understanding of the journey from someone who has ‘walked the walk’
  • A practical action plan to move forward through your grief, toward completion, healing and renewed energy and hope

I serve as an associate with Dr. Kathryn R. Greenaway, Registered Clinical Psychologist, Norfolk Psychological Services, Guelph. Through my association I have the capability of accessing extended health care benefits for most insurance plans for my Grief Counselling practice.


Choose One Of These Exciting Topics For Your Free 50 Minute Coaching Session!

  • De-clutter. De-stress! – Six Steps to Managing Your ‘Stuff’ Coaching conversation
  • Life Affirming Life Balance – A Gap Filling Coaching conversation
  • Stuck? Let’s Dream! – A Possibilities Coaching conversation
  • Pleasure,Happiness and Joy! – A Life Fulfilling Coaching conversation
  • Being a Person of Choice! Not Circumstance – A Decisive Coaching conversation
  • Want More?! – A Radical Coaching conversation

or...come with your own ideas and we’ll explore your possibilities!

In this Powerful Coaching Session You Will Leave With:

  • A new awareness of what is causing many of the challenges in your life right now (they may not be what you think!)
  • A renewed sense of energy for focusing your dreams and going for it!
  • A next-step action plan for moving your life and dreams into the next phase of energy, motivation, excitement and possibilities!


Final Thoughts

If you are ready to move forward, please e-mail me right now with ‘Creative Coaching’ or ‘Grief Counselling’ in the subject line.
My e-mail address is . I will return e-mail to schedule a time for your free session, or call if you leave a phone number.

Together we will explore your powerful possibilities. We will gain a clear understanding of your goals, and the possible barriers in your way. I will share more details on how I serve my clients and the creative ways we can work together. Even if you don’t decide to work with me, the time we spend together will bring greater clarity to your goals.

I hope that you will allow me to Walk With You, to heal your heart, and envision your dreams!

P. S. With a very busy practice I have reserved only 5 Free Coaching and Grief Counselling Discovery sessions per month, so please get booked in right away. Spaces fill up very quickly. E-mail me at to ensure we can meet soon!