Pet Companion Loss - It Hurts

Loss of Pet, Family GrievingHow attached we become to our pets is as individual as we are. The bonds that we have are valid, worthy of understanding, and serve to explain the intense pain we feel when those bonds are broken. It is intense grief.

People I encounter in my pet companion loss practice are often shocked to discover how badly they feel when their pets die. Statements such as "I don't know what's wrong with me. I didn't feel this bad when my grandmother (acquaintance, friend, relative) died" are common. And so the question arises, why do so many of us feel the loss of a companion animal so intently - is it normal to feel this way? Yes, it is normal…

Animal companions weave themselves into the fabric of our daily lives. With their constant presence, availability and devotion, pets are our best source of unconditional love, becoming for many of us the ideal child, parent, mate or friend. They listen without judgment or reproach, and never give advice. They accept us exactly as we are, regardless of how we look or feel or behave. They forgive us readily, and never hold grudges against us. No matter how much change we must endure in our unpredictable lives, our pets are always there for us. Studies show that we're likely to be even more highly attached to our pets if we associate them with important times in our lives or link them with significant others who are no longer with us; and if we've relied on them to support us or get us through a crisis.

Grief over the loss of a pet is often trivialized, and people who have not experienced it themselves may add to the problem by making insensitive remarks such as "It was just a cat" or "You can always get another". A further complication is that the owner may feel guilty over having chosen to have their pet euthanized.

When cherished companion animals die, we need to take some time to think about and remember how closely we were attached to one another. It is only when we identify how much our friends meant to us, and recognize how very much we've lost, that we begin to understand that we need a trained and sensitive companion to Walk With.

I will companion you on your journey of remembering, celebrating and releasing.



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