mother and child I have recommended some books below that you may find enlightening and comforting. I did.
Yet, possibly you resonate more with music, or movies, or theatre. Allow yourself to experience these ‘wash-over’ mediums. They too can offer reflection, perspective, soothing, challenge and healing. Create your own ‘library’ of helpful stuff, where it is immediate and not just perchance, and visit it as often as  you need to.

 I will periodically update my web page and include a number of reading resources.  Here are a few.


Grief Counselling:

The Grief Recovery Handbook: The Action Program for Moving Beyond Death, Divorce, and Other Losses
John W. James and Russell Friedman. Collins. New York. 1998

Last Will and Testament of a Lover: A Journey through Grief
Clifford Ellis. Moulin Publishing Limited. Norval, ON. 1997 (available at the Bookshelf, Guelph, ON)

New Beginnings: Living Through Loss and Grief
Betty Jane Wylie. Key Porter Books Limited. Toronto. 1991

Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul
Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. Health Communications Limited. Deerfield Beach, FL. 2003


101 Really Important things You Already Know, But Keep Forgetting
Ernie J. Zelinski. Ten Speed Press. Toronto. 2007

The Seasons of Change: Using Nature’s wisdom to Grow through Life’s Inevitable Ups and Downs
Carol L. McClelland, PH.D. Conari Press. Boston, MA. 1998

Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes. 2nd Edition
William Bridges. Da Capo Press. Cambridge, MA. 2004

Leap! What Will We Do with the Rest of Our Lives?
Sara Davidson. Ballantine Books. New York. 2007

Dancing On the Ark: Facing Change in Uncertain Times
Kelly Walker. KW Productions. 2008
Growing Somewhere: Living Life After Mid-life
Kelly Walker. KW Productions. 2005  (contact me for details on ordering Kelly’s books)

Book Reviews

The Grief Recovery Handbook: 20th Anniversary Edition
By John W. James and Russell Friedman
Harper Collins, paperback, $21.99
Reviewed by Tim Boulton

Growing Somewhere: Living Life After Mid-life

By Kelly Walker
KW Productions, paperback $22.00
Reviewed by Tim Boulton

With age comes wisdom. With age comes stories and with age comes a savouring that cannot be known in our youth.

I just turned 50 in June. It has been an awakening. I did not approach 50 with great drama, angst and trepidation. Rather. curiosity. About 'what now.?' As a Transitions Life Coach I begin my first session with my clients by asking the question "What are your possibilities?, how can you be intentional about the design of your life?' Not bad questions Tim. What are your insights 'old man?' (as my kids call me). I turned first to Kelly, and his wisdom, a friend who has walked along side me on many paths. His musings, questions and honesty stirred in me the inspiration to do my own reflection, by intention. That is the principle of his insight, take the time to consider your being; whom and what has contributed to your story, how have they shaped your sense of self, what have you learned, what is satisfaction and contentment, how will you grow forward?!

The subheadings he introduces us to in our reflection invite deep listening, and decisive (gentle) action. What does it mean to be an earth creature?; how have we been molded and defined by our roots and what roots have we cultivated in others?; we grow from our mistakes, for they are the fodder for forgiveness and ultimately compassion; how might the pursuit and embracing of silence sooth us?; we are encouraged to re-embrace our bodies, sensuality and sex; what can we learn and how can we, in fact, be empowered by inevitable times of the blues and sickness?; our relationship with food and conversation; the inestimable benefits of a brisk (and leisurely) walk, a genuine and unapologetic peel of laughter.

As we reminisce, review and redefine our 50+ selves Kelly encourages us to embrace wonder, creativity, excites and imagination. The most profound thing I have learned in my walks and talks and meals with Kelly is what it means for me to be emerging as an elder. How may I use the wisdom of my experience and insights to inform my growth, to nurture my kids, to listen with gentleness, speak with conviction, and grow somewhere in my emerging being. I embrace elderhood, and its responsibilities and opportunities. I'm excited about where I may grow! Kelly is a wonderful companion on the journey.

PS. I bought a new bicycle and am riding it back and forth to the office each day! Money, time and energy invested in my growing somewhere!


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