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Are you experiencing a significant change in your life?

I Will Walk With You on your road of recovery, re-discovery and re-imagining.


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I work with a paradigm of possibility rather than pathology. My approach to both Grief Counselling and Life Transition Coaching is to first listen.

Services Descriptions

I have personal experience and professional insight into experiences of human emotional, psychological and spiritual stress and renewal. Every loss or change in life alters our sense of self.

Grief Counselling: Walking With You

I have walked this journey of deep loss, mourning and grief, through to healing and renewal, as a young widower and father. Through my experience of grief recovery, I Will Walk With You as we gently and intentionally journey through your grief story, bringing completion to your pain and isolation, and moving beyond them; releasing the past, reorienting to your future, and reconnecting to your present.

I serve as an associate with Dr. Kathryn R. Greenaway, Registered Clinical Psychologist, Norfolk Psychological Services, Guelph. Through my association
I have the capability of accessing extended health care benefits for most insurance plans for my Grief Recovery practice.


"We are not just humans being – we are also humans becoming, constantly in a state of change. To the degree to which we are aware of these changes and take responsibility for them, we are freer to become more of who we are capable of becoming." ~ Pat Williams/Diane S. Menendez

Life Coaching, Transitions and Re-Imagining:

As your Coach I Will Walk With You as you experience significant life changes and transitions. Together we bring clarity to your uncertainties, encounter the process of your role-exit, and frame your new visions and goals. We discover and achieve renewed meaning, purpose and vitality for your life.


Individual Adult and Youth Counsellor

I offer individual counselling for those in search of meaning, courage, hope, creativity, and new skills to cope with and change as you face the challenges of relationships, life transitions, and personal, cultural, environmental and emotional upheaval. Tim will walk with you through the ups and downs of your own unique story, and help you to ground yourself in your deepest gifts, values, and desires in order to face life's challenges with resilience.

Keep updated on upcoming events at Walking With You.
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