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Registered Psychotherapist
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COVID-19 - I'm here to help

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Megan Devine entitles her grief support book:

It's Okay That You're Not Okay.


It is okay that you are not okay.

Disagreements, fractures, disappointments, loss, absences and deprivations are universal experiences. And so too is love...


There are no exceptions.


Sometimes we need someone to talk with, beyond the

well-meaning platitudes and pat explanations offered by family, friends and confidants. Life is ever changing.


COVID 19...  the breadth and depth of loss is staggering. We are all impacted in so many profound ways. I myself was stricken with COVID-19 in mid-March, 2020. After 12 days the test came back negative, but doctors confirmed I did; probable false negative.

For three days I was not clear I would survive. I left instructions

for my daughter, my POAPC, to call the police if she hadn't heard from me in 36 hours.

I made it through, with great support, and after three weeks of desperate illness, I recovered. I get it. I get the myriad ways we have all lost, our innocence, our normalcy and routines, our contacts and sense of connectedness, our identity, the frighening uncertainty about 'next'; our very sense of ourselves. I'm here to talk it all through, support you, and offer some perspective, strategies, reality, and hope.


                            I'm here

 We struggle with:

  •  Death - of a loved one... or not so loved one
  •  End of relationships, separation, divorce
  •  Pet companion loss
  •  Compromise of physical and/or
     mental health
  •  Stress at work, career change,  job loss,      being downsized
  •  Financial stressors - buying and selling
  •  Moving, Immigration
  •  Life Transitions - marriage, empty nest, retirement         
  • Coming out
  •  Emotional distancing from children as they
     become independant, fail to launch, or
  •  Growing up, growing apart, growing old
  • Navigating COVID-19 in our lives
  •  And many, many more changes...
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